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You can keep it at 44Hz - the audio will still be good, but 48Hz is one of the best OBS settings for Streaming on Twitch. 2. Devices. OBS automatically pickups desktop audio, but you can connect other devices as well. If you plan on using a microphone, add it as one of the OBS devices, so the program can record your voice as well. 3. Meter There are other settings also that you can apply for professional experience. Full HD High Frame Rate (FPS) Here are OBS Settings for Twitch Streaming 1080p at 60fps. Framerate - 50 or 60 fps; Resolution - 1080p; Keyframe interval - 2 seconds; AVC (h.264) Profile - Main/High; AVC (h.264) Level - How would I stream on OBS 2020 with Twitch? First off, you'll need to make a beeline for File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. Pick Twitch as your administration; at that point, either associate your Twitch record to OBS Studio or interface Twitch utilizing the stream key Best OBS Settings for Twitch OBS has been one of the best streaming software programs since its release in 2012. Completely open-source and requiring less CPU than other programs, streamers on Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and other platforms have been able to use OBS to create quality content while building their brands My lag free OBS Twitch Settings Open Settings and navigate to Video. First, choose Output Mode on Top and set it to Advanced. Then Select the Streaming Tab. Set everything as in the screenshot below

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Die OBS Einstellungen bieten direkte Unterstützung für Content Creator auf Twitch, YouTube, Facebook und Co. Um möglichst problemfrei und in angemessener Qualität streamen zu können, solltest Du Dich vorab grundlegend mit den Settings auskennen und so die optimale Wahl für Dich treffen Der perfekte Stream - Die besten OBS-Settings 2021. Immer mehr Gamer entwickeln Interesse, ihr Gameplay mit der Streaming-Welt zu teilen - egal ob auf Twitch, YouTube oder anderen Plattformen. Wir zeigen euch, mit welchen Einstellungen ihr das Bestmögliche aus eurem Setup herausholen könnt. 14.02.2021 Von Danny Singer

Open OBS, and click on 'Settings'. There are two ways you can do this—either access the 'Settings' option through 'File' or just click on it from the bottom right corner. Click on the 'Stream' option in the resulting window The Best OBS Settings for Live Streaming. May 22, 2020. Cameron. When first using OBS you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available and the configuration required. In this guide we'll go through some of those options, and what you'll want values to use. Output Settings Tab . The location of the 'Settings' button. Generally speaking the most important configuration. Read the info below to help you choose the Encoding, Bitrate, Resolution, and Framerate settings that provide the right balance for the game you're playing, your internet speed, and your computer's hardware. Remember: it's always better to have a stable stream than to push for a higher video quality that might cause you to drop frames or test the limits of your internet connection Best Video Settings for OBS Base Canvas Resolution is the resolution of the canvas you use in OBS. As you can see in my screenshot you can match it... Output Scaled Resolution is the resolution Twitch viewers watch you in. As previously stated, the higher resolution the... The Downscale Filter. In the OBS Setting window, you will see the General settings first. However, there is not much for you to adjust in the General settings. Here, you can choose the OBS application theme—the most common theme is no other than the infamous dark mode. One more thing to take note of is to enable the System Tray

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  1. OBS Studio Output Settings Now head over to the Output tab and change the Output mode to Advanced. We are going to change the Encoder (select NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (New)) if you have the option. This allows your graphics card to do the work and it's the most suggested option currently
  2. g. In the pulldown menu next to Service, select Twitch. For Server, select a location geographically close to where you are now
  3. Connect Twitch to OBS: go to OBS > File > Settings > Stream > Service > select Twitch. Set up your configuration: bitrates, resolution, audio sample rate. Add your audio source (from your computer or microphone)
  4. Diving into OBS settings for Twitch TV. Under the general tab the first thing I'm going to do is set up a general profile. I'm going to go ahead and name this Test Profile and hit add. I think it's important to set up a profile from the beginning because you might stream under a different name sometime, use a different account or you might just want to play around with a different.

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  1. If the OBS plugin is installed, it will show up in the mixer. Click on the settings gear and select Advanced Audio Properties. In the advanced audio panel, make sure that the Soundtrack By Twitch plugin has track 1 to 5 unchecked. Next, make sure that Desktop Audio has track 6 unchecked
  2. g Services Choose Service → Twitch Choose Server which is closest to your location Enter Stream key which you've got in your dashboard on Twitch.T
  3. g to Twitch with OBS Studio

The absolute Best OBS Streaming Settings guide out there to achieve 1080p 60fps pro level quality on your stream. I take a deep dive into OBS and explain to. OBS.Live is StreamElements' OBS Studio free add-on for streaming (supports V23). OBS.Live makes stream management easy, integrating Twitch chat, your Activity Feed, and Media Request directly into OBS. Other features include Custom Bot name, HotKeys and Leaderboards. Download. Setup Guide After installing FFmpeg, install OBS Studio using: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:obsproject/obs-studio sudo apt install obs-studi Twitch only offers guaranteed transcoding to Partners; non-partners may receive transcoding, but it is not guaranteed. This is important if your viewers are on mobile phones or their internet speed is not as fast. You may want to consider streaming at a lower bitrate and resolution to lower the bandwidth required to see your channel. RECOMMENDED SETTINGS. These are our recommended settings for. The goal is to take viewers from start to finish of setting up a complete and professional stream channel, using Studio. The full video playlist can be found here. Direct links to each video: OBS Studio Tutorial Series Introduction; Studio Vs Classic; Downloading and Installing; Settings, Part 1 - Bitrate, Twitch Server, and Stream Ke

Installation and Setup. Like OBS, Twitch Studio has a one-click download - you can get it if you use Windows or Mac computer. Before you launch the program, log-in to the Twitch profile - once this is done, the program will automatically recognize your account, and you won't have to manually log-in to Twitch Studio. Now, you can start setting it up. When you click on Get Started, Twitch. Setting up a Twitch stream can seem like a daunting experience. In this blog, we are going to discuss several key factors you should consider before going live on Twitch. Before we begin, it's important to remember there is no secret to success. If you'd like to become a full-time streamer, hard work, dedication, long hours, and a deep commitment to creating engaging content is required. If you need more extensions, browse Twitch, YouTube and Co., look at OBS on the page under resources to see what else you can find useful and look specifically for tools. Meanwhile there are countless and the probability is high that there is the right tool for your needs

Setting Up Twitch with Streamlabs OBS. For this tutorial, I'm going to assume you have a Twitch account, installed the Streamlabs OBS software and have a Streamlabs account. You'll need all three of these to continue with this tutorial. If you don't have them, they are all free to use and take just a few minutes to set up. Connecting Streamlabs OBS to Twitch. To connect Streamlabs OBS to. Twitch YouTube Facebook Other Platforms Streamlabs OBS Setup Stream Overlays App Store To adjust these settings, open Streamlabs OBS and click on the settings cog in the lower left-hand corner. Choose an Encoder. To change your encoder, navigate to Output in the settings window. When it comes to encoders, there are two types: software (x264) and hardware (NVENC). The software encoder. Best OBS Settings For Twitch. Open up the OBS Studio and head to the bottom-right area. There you see the section Settings that you need to click. Best OBS Video Capture Settings. You know how to bring up those settings, so now you need to go to the Video section as you see in this screenshot. There you will find some fields that need to be adjusted for the best video capturing or recording.

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The best OBS Settings for Twitch Streaming If you are streaming on Twitch, you always want to look your best. While most of the elements on your stream are under your control, such as what your overlays show and how you look, the settings that your stream software uses will determine how smooth your broadcast is 2. Configuring OBS Studio for Streaming to Twitch. Now, we can jump to the OBS Studio setup. If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can download OBS Studio here.This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and go here for a detailed installation guide.. After installation, there are 2 ways you can set up OBS Studio

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Here I talk about the best OBS settings for OBS Studio. I don't cover how to set up scenes and cameras, this is just focused on the quality of encoding. OBS encoding is a big deal because we all want a better quality stream, and information is missing on what the settings do and how we can use them to make our stream better! At last, in this video series (more coming soon) I will provide some of the missing information so I can help you (us) raise the bar of stream quality on Twitch fetokis here are my settings for 720p50@3500kbps in OBS Studio with AMD AMF Encoder have in mind: 0. i use 720p50 because you have more bitrate per frame as 720p60 1. 3500kbps is not much for 720p50 (3500kbps is ok-ish for 720p30)(720p60 would need minimum 4500kbps) 1b. what is your ISPs upload ba.. Connecting Streamlabs OBS to Twitch 1. Open Streamlabs OBS on your computer.. If you've never opened or connected Twitch with Streamlabs OBS, it should... 2. Click the Twitch icon.. The screen for Twitch will load up in a pop-up window. You can also choose the option... 3. Enter your.

OBS is an amazing, free tool for live streaming on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube, etc! It's also great for recording computer footage for all kinds of content. But, let's face it, the Output and Video settings in OBS are mysterious and confusing. How do we find the Best Partner OBS Settings? This article will attempt to demystify OBS settings for Partnered Twitch streamers Update: 17.11.2016: If you are having problems after trying out these settings or your game starts to buffer and lag quite a lot. Check out an updated version for the Best OBS Studio settings.. - NikiTheLiger. This post is part of the series: How to stream on Twitch how to setup the stream and do all the nitty gritty things. In this video you can see: Best OBS Settings for Streaming on.

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With these settings for your OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS configuration, you will find the best balance between performance and power usage for your streaming. However, it is always worth.. Bitrate is the bandwidth OBS will use to send data to the Twitch ingest servers. Technically, Twitch has a cap of 6000 kbps for bitrate. New Twitch streamers and Affiliates should not stream at 6000 kbps, however. Unfortunately, Non-partnered Twitch streamers are not guaranteed 'encoder options' What are the best OBS studio settings for Twitch? Well the answer to the question might not be what works for you. What we really need to find out is what are the best settings for your stream. In this tutorial I'll guide you through how to make the right choices for your Twitch channel. Watch Video Tutorial (part 1) Watch Video Tutorial (part 2) Finding Your Best OBS Studio Settings. With. Q: I'm a partnered streamer, are the best OBS settings different for me? A: Yes and no. Partnered streamers have a source quality pulldown which provides viewers with multiple lower quality options (High, Medium, Moble, etc) encoded by Twitch servers. This enables the streamer to stream at max bitrate while equipped to offer viewers the lower quality/bandwidth options. Because of this re-encoding option for partnered streamers, I see many partners streaming at high bitrates. Most.

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  1. g settings for RX580? I'm still a bit noob when it comes to this kind of stuff and I'm asking sincerely for help because lately I've been strea
  2. Now you might be wondering how to stream on Twitch with OBS and get stream alerts, those handy, sound-effect-laden popups when you get a new subscriber or donation. Luckily for you and me, a free StreamElements account's got us covered. In fact, StreamElements has an array of features for streamers like alerts, overlays, tipping, and merch. You'll set them up in StreamElements and get a.
  3. g. Almost done! Now is a good time to save your changes. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'save settings'
  4. Setting up Twitch alerts, while easy once you learn how, can be confusing at first since there are so many different ways to add new notifications to your stream. In this guide I'll go over your options for adding alerts to your stream using OBS Studio, and give you a quick how to for each. Here's What You're Going to Learn. After you've gone through this guide, you'll know how.
  5. g can be divided into two main stages: Getting and entering of your credentials for strea

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  1. es is the point at which the compressor turns on. Until this value is reached, it's completely inert and does not affect your audio signal in any way. However, once the threshold condition is met, the filter will activate, resulting in something pretty cool
  2. in OBS under Settings->Audio Disable all Audio devices. but to stream it and share it with both intimate groups on Zoom and Larger audiences on Twitch. One of the best parts of this setup is how I can easily host someone else on my twitch stream and have them share their desktop and do demos, live coding etc. I can also run workshops through zoom and people on my twitch stream can also.
  3. OBS software is a comprehensive software type that will help you broadcast your streams. Simply download OBS (Here's the link) and set it up. Open the settings and select Twitch as the service in the Stream selection section. (Settings > Stream > Service > Twitch.) Now, open Twitch in your browser and select dashboard. Go to settings, choose.
  4. g from your PC guide: Setting up a video stream in OBS. How to set up your first Open Broadcaster Software 'scene' with a webcam's video feed
  5. g tool for Windows PC. It has a robust selection of features that permit you to develop professional videos and live stream set ups. OBS Studio supports most of your favourite strea
  6. g platform program which allows you to show others your content on the likes of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube etc. It is used by most streamers and has proven to be one of the best platforms on the market. I am going to show you the easiest method to set up OBS in 5 Simple Steps. After, I will go into depth on.
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  1. Besides that, you need your stream key for Twitch which you can find on Twitch on your Dashboard > Settings. You should copy it from your Twitch Dashboard and paste it in OBS on this page. Note: Never pass on your stream key and change it immediately if you accidentally showed it to the public! Output. OBS supports different encoders if the.
  2. d [Graphics] section including reduceFramerateWhenFocusLost=0 ; Renderer.ini settings at bottom of app.ini page. 3monitors various information & settings including my computer specs. Nvidia3d settings screenshot. • To look at later. BetterTTV Chrome extension How to.
  3. g capabilities, it is also possible to record your computer screen as well. This tutorial will cover the settings you can optimize to achieve the best quality recording. Please note, this tutorial will specifically cover the best settings to record only. Many of the settings we.
  4. Streamlabs OBS Import File. Finally, to make this extra easy for any Streamlabs OBS users, there's a .OVERLAY file included to speed up the setup process. Other Designs like this Purple Stream Package. If you like the color, but wanna keep looking, you can click here to see all overlays that use purple

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Open OBS Studio on your main (gaming) computer. Select the Tools > NDI Output Settings. Select Main Output and name your Main Output however you want it (this naming will show up later for your screen share option on Twitch Studio). Make sure your gaming screen is captured on OBS Open your OBS and start talking with your normal streaming voice. Adjust your microphone line so that your voice is in the yellow area and if you raise your volume or yell, it will be in the end of yellow area or in the beginning of the red To add your stream chat into your OBS Studio window follow the below steps. For the purposes of this guide we've used Twitch. Go to your channel on your streaming platform of choice. In the chat..

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Best OBS Studio Settings to Configure Your OBS Encoder. There is a very specific way to configure the OBS Studio settings for live streaming on a Dacast HTML5 live channel. First, open the OBS Studio settings by clicking the Settings button in the bottom-right area of the application window Now that Twitch and OBS are linked we can start streaming, but not right away. First we need to give the viewer something to look at. When you are back on the main menu for OBS you should see a box called scenes. This is where we need to start. Right click that box and click Add. Name it something if you want to, but Scene will work temporarily if need be. Now you need to right click on the.

Well, no. Sorry but at that speed you're not going to be hosting any decent live streams. I would suggest you up your speeds first, probably to something in the 50 - 70 range before you worry about playing with OBS. A few conjectures, which may so.. Twitch Alerts Setup in OBS Studio. If you prefer to use normal OBS Studio for your streaming, you have to install the Twitch Alerts manually. First, to make your alerts, go to the Streamlabs dashboard and click on Alert Box under Widgets in the side panel.. Once you have filled in all the data to any of the alert types, click on 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page Here's how: Log into the official Twitch website and go to your Dashboard . Select your Profile icon, then select Account Settings . Select the Channel and Videos tab. You will see a section called Primary Stream Key. Press the Copy button to copy your key to the clipboard. In OBS Studio, go to FIle. 14 thoughts on The Best Way to Use Your Phone as a Webcam for Twitch, YouTube, Discord, OBS, and More DDOCentral November 16, 2020 / 10:02 PM. Reblogged this on DDOCentral. Reply. Christian January 3, 2021 / 6:09 PM. Every time I try to use epoccam and use custom settings it makes my camera lag and go really slow and the whole thing breaks I NEED HELP!! Reply. Jett January 3, 2021 / 6.

A personalized, customized and unique OBS or XSplit overlay setup is a valid reason to be proud. Once you're proud of your Twitch channel, you'll feel more confident. And more confidence means better streaming and more natural engagement with your audience. That gets the ball rolling. People will come on their own to see you gaming. And again, the first thing they'll see, is your stream. Unlike OBS, there isn't much else you can do specifically with the green screen effect. Instead, you'll have to tweak the camera settings to manage color and exposure, limiting the noise you may. Twitch offers a guided setup for your microphone, webcam, monitor resolution, green screen, bitrate, and more to help you make your stream look and sound great. It features customizable templates to enable effortless personalization of the look of your system. Twitch Studio provides you tools that allow you to create a community and interact with other members. The built-in alerts, activity. If you are using Windows, right click on OBS and 'Run as Administrator' so it automatically grants the software permissions to capture your games. Open Settings and select 'Stream'. Select Twitch.. A settings window will appear, in the left menu, click on « Stream » and select Twitch in the « Service » option. In the « Stream key » field, put your Twitch Stream Key that we've retrieved in the previous chapter. This will be used by OBS Studio to indicate on which channel the stream should be broadcasted

This instant download comes with a .OVERLAY file for use with Streamlabs OBS, making a majority of your stream setup a breeze. As demonstrated, you simply hit the Settings icon in the bottom left, select Scene Collections, then click Import Overlay File. Locate your .OVERLAY file, and voila. Please note, this will not setup everything, but most things. Things like alerts will require manual upload, as they're linked to your Streamlabs account How To Set Twitch VOD Track In OBS go to Settings -> select Output -> make sure you are in Advanced mode (not simple) -> here you will select the Twitch VOD Track. We suggest setting this to Track 2 at minimum, as Twitch will be receiving all audio sources on Track 1 In OBS, go to File and click, Settings. Click on the Stream option on the left. Make sure the Service option is set to YouTube/YouTube Gaming

How to Stream on Twitch With OBS: PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4

Bereits einige DJ Kollegen haben sich einen Twitch Account zu gelegt oder über Facebook und Instagram gestreamt. Ihr habt euch auch schon gefragt wie man das realisiert und ob Kosten entstehen? Ich werde in diesem Beitrag erklären wie man mit wenig Einsatz und ohne Kosten ein Streaming Setup aufbaut NVIDIA has also released NVENC which allows OBS to leverage this dedicated encoding chip for encoding videos to Twitch. This reduces the performance impact of playing games AND encoding to twitch simultaneously, drastically. Cards featuring RTX perform better however ALL cards that support NVENC will see a huge performance improvement using the NVENC (new) setting in OBS Now, let's jump straight to the steps involving setting up to live stream on Twitch using OBS. How to stream on Twitch from PC 1. Get a Twitch.tv stream key. First, make a free Twitch.tv account. You can do this by making sure it's powered on and paired to the mobile app, then go to Settings, click on the Quest, go to Advanced Setting, and toggle on Developer Mode. That's it. You may. Hello all! Here's some helpful advice from our trailer master, Edwin Seigneur, about getting the perfect settings when using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). With just a few simple steps, you can get a high-quality video for trailers or streaming. Let's get started! 1. Select Capture Settings

Setting Up Streaming. To stream to Twitch, you're going to need to get your key. Setting Up OBS. Now that you have your key, you can input this into the OBS program. If you look at the lower. You will have the option to choose a preprogrammed live streaming service like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. This allows OBS to automatically configure your streams destination and all you need to do is provide the secret streaming key. Optionally you can use a custom RTMP server which could be any CDN with the included server address and secret key. Selecting Streaming Settings for Live. Twitch OBS Overlay Maker With a Webcam Frame. Looking for a webcam overlay maker that will call even more attention to your stream? This OBS stream overlay is the one for you. It's simple but stylish, and you can customise the colours to reflect your own taste. 29. OBS Overlay Template for Twitch. Another OBS stream overlay to keep all eyes on.

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Setting the maximum display words is easy using this URL parameter: https://stephenlb.github.io/twitch-tv-obs-subtitles/subtitles.html?maxwords=10. This will display a maximum of 10 words, just as an example. Exclude the parameter to remove the limit Learn how professional gamers stream mobile games to Twitch with overlays and webcam video. It's easy with Reflector and OBS, Streamlabs OBS or Twitch Studio. This is a high-quality, low-cost setup to get your gaming adventures in front of your audience

VALORANT inspired FREE Twitch Overlay Pack (OBS StudioStreaming with Streamlabs OBS Beginners' Guide 2020Tutorial: How To Record Gameplay & Videos With OBS StudioElectric Ring | Facecam Overlays For Twitch/Facebook/OBSOBS Studio Tutorial for Beginners in 2020: Ultimate Guide

In addition, if you're looking for a quick and customizable stream Twitch overlay—or even an OBS overlay maker—you might also want to take a look at Placeit! There's so much stream content and Twitch graphics here—from Twitch overlays to intro screens to Twitch panels! If you're looking for a Twitch overlay maker, this right here might fit the bill, as this content is customizable, too. Leave blank, unless you set one up in your OBS-Tools-OBS Websocket Server Settings. Auto connect to OBSws - whether you want the Receiver to automatically connect to your OBS websocket as soon as you start it up. Auto connect to Twitch - whether you want the Receiver to automatically connect to Twitch as soon as you launch Transmitter In left sidebar of the OBS settings, select Stream then in the drop down select Restream.io - RTMP. Paste the Restream stream key in to the stream key text box. Save the settings by selecting OK. You can now start your livestream by selecting Start Streaming in the bottom right of OBS! More OBS Studio Tutorials: Subscribe Now! « Prev. 1 / 2. Next » How to Multistream on OBS for Free. Setting up OBS for Live Coding in 7 Steps This is where Free Code Camp livestreams. Twitch TV is a popular live-streaming service. You traditionally used Twitch to stream yourself playing video games, but recently Twitch has started encouraging people to stream themselves coding. While typical video game live streaming configurations will work for live coding, they are overkill. When streaming.

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